Sugar Bloom

Free Spirit Sugar Bloom FabricSugar Bloom by Verna Mosquera for Free Spirit Fabrics. From Verna Mosquera: We have all experienced it. That moment when we become transfixed by the beauty and temptation of a delectable sugary treat. For most it begins in childhood. A trip to the neighborhood bakery or gathering around a friend's birthday cake. Fingers crossed just dreaming about the slice with the most frosting or, even better, the piece with the sugary rose. For many this experience does not cease in adulthood. I know for me it happens much too often. Most recently I was fascinated by a friend of mine who never eats sweets. She attended my workshop and during our special tea I served French macarons. I have to say they looked delightful on a dainty scalloped plate. The colors were so pretty she just had to taste each and every flavor. They were simply irresistible.That moment sparked the color palette for my latest collection, Sugar Bloom. I began to research the history of these delectable treats and realized there are many in the world who are simply obsessed with these beautiful confections. They come in a multitude of flavors and delicious colors.