Prairie Cactus

Moda Kansas Troubles Quilters Prairie Cactus FabricPrairie Cactus by Kansas Troubles Quilters for Moda Fabrics. From the designer: One of my favorite parts of winter is pulling on my heavy boots and coat, then wrapping a warm scarf around my neck to brave the chilling Kansas winds after a snowfall. As I crunch through the pristine blanket of snow covering the fields, I sometimes find a treasure peeking through the stark whiteness of it all - the bright red blossom of a prairie cactus. During the fall months, these sturdy little plants are green prickly mounds hiding in the tall grass just waiting to grab at your socks. But the cold winter weather inspires beautiful red blooms that are a magical surprise in the midst of all the gray grass and sparkling snow. It's a burst of color from Mother Nature to assure us spring is just a few months away.