Lizzie's Legacy

Moda Lizzie's Legacy FabricLizzie's Legacy by Betsy Chutchian for Moda Fabrics. From the designer: Inspired by the writings of my great, great-grandmother, and an antique nine-patch quilt, Lizzie's Legacy is a fine example of the many fabrics available to Lizzie in the mid-1800's. Lizzie kept a daily record of her work and family activities on their farm and ranch from 1857 to 1882. As an average pioneer woman of the 19th century, Lizzie made a home, raised 7 sons, took in 3 orphaned boys, and buried an infant daughter. Her daily writings indicate a love for sewing and quilting, not just an obligation to care for her family. A very busy wife and mother, Lizzie wrote nearly every day until just before her death in 1882. She was just shy of her 50th birthday.