Strawberry Fields Revisited

Moda Strawberry Fields Revisited FabricStrawberry Fields Revisited by Fig Tree & Co. for Moda Fabrics. From the designer: Probably more than any other collection I have ever designed, it's Strawberry Fields that seems to hold a special place in many peoples' hearts. There is something perfectly summer, perfectly country and perfectly retro about it. So much so that we thought it was time to give you a bit more to love and play with. This collection incorporates several favorite prints from the original and updates the collection with a few new vintage flavored additions. Based on the popular retro palette of light ivory, tomato red, soft aqua, grass green, butter yellow, and warm grey with accents of coral and pink, this new collection adds in a pop of charcoal to make the entire palette truly shine. Strawberry Fields Revisited is sure to win our hearts and inspired our hands and sewing machines this year. Welcome to summer.