Early Bird

Moda Acreage Fabric

Sky wide and scaled to the wings of the imagination, Early Bird by Kate Spain is dedicated to the those who rise before the sun and seize the day. Filled with folk-art-inspired birds and coordinating floral patterns, Early Bird is alive with the energy, light and the colors of dawn. This collection includes five exclusive Bella Solids – Aqua, Denim, Geranium, Honey and Lilac.

Early Bird is for new beginnings and beginning new creative adventures that also encourage you to stop and smell the roses.

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Moda Early Bird Jelly Roll by Kate Spain
$38.95  $29.95 each
3 available.
Moda Early Bird Layer Cake by Kate Spain
$38.95  $33.98 each
12 available.
Moda Early Bird Charm Pack by Kate Spain
$8.95 each
14 available.