Bees 'n Blooms

Moda Kansas Troubles Bees 'n Blooms FabricBees 'n Blooms by Kansas Troubles Quilters for Moda Fabrics. From the designer: When we built our little cabin and moved to the country, I planted a flower garden outside my studio window to enjoy the ever-changing colors of nature. At the top of my list was a butterfly bush — I hoped it would entice the butterflies to visit. While we've had a few butterflies come and go, the grandkids call it the "bee bush" because there are usually dozens of bees flitting from one bloom to another. They spend their days collecting their quota of pollen, then fly back to their hive to make honey. As a quilter, I get that. I spend hours on the computer designing quilts, then time is spent stitching blocks to make quilts, and finally, I spend days traveling to share those quilts. In the end, I love my job as I’m surrounded by quilters and beautiful quilts. How sweet it is when your life's work yields such a delightful result.