Latitude Batiks

Moda Latitude Batiks FabricLatitude Batiks by Kate Spain for Moda Fabrics. From the designer: One of my favorite things about being a designer is having the chance to experiment without always knowing what the end result will be. Whether it's by painting, drawing, carving woodblocks, or cutting paper, I love being immersed in the creative process and discovering things along the way that offer a new perspective for my work. When Moda asked me to come up with a line of batiks, I was so excited to jump in and give it a whirl. I was even more excited by the outcome! Latitude Batiks is a collection of some of my favorite designs that have been reinterpreted through the collaboration with talented artisans in Indonesia. The palette spans from jewel-tones to soft pastels that bring a beautifully artistic, hand-dyed watercolor blend to many of my recent collections including Canyon, Aria, Paradiso and Horizon. Give yourself a passport to explore with Latitude, and a fresh new perspective for your quilting projects!